Liquid Wisdom Podcast

Ep 33-Taking Charge of Taking a Stand

November 07, 2021 Professor Liquid Season 2 Episode 33
Liquid Wisdom Podcast
Ep 33-Taking Charge of Taking a Stand
Show Notes

Hello dreamers! It's been a while! The month of October has come and gone, but I'm back to give you another conversation and experience to start the month of November!

There are many definitions of what it means to take a stand, but the most common and effective definition is to assert an opinion or viewpoint; to defend one's point of view or beliefs.

In a return to form experience, I do my best to provide enlightenment, information, and hopefully encouragement towards fighting for what you believe in or helping in a courageous effort to assist someone else. 

I'm so grateful to have so many supportive people like yourself who come back and still support me. At the risk of repeating myself, it truly means a lot to me. 

Remember, this season is about taking charge, so i hope you enjoy the ride! I couldn't have done this without you all!  Enjoy the episode because there are lots of gems here that hopefully enrich your life. I hope you all continue to drive toward the horizon. I will do the same. Don't forget to download, listen, and share with someone who could use a little hope, and of course, don't forget to be awesome!
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