Liquid Wisdom Podcast

Ep 28- Taking Charge of the Past with Kailin Vu

May 09, 2021 Professor Liquid/Self-Love Kaelin Vu Season 2 Episode 28
Liquid Wisdom Podcast
Ep 28- Taking Charge of the Past with Kailin Vu
Show Notes

There's something truly remarkable about connecting with people through conversation; Episode 28  is here!!!

As you know, our past can, at times, shackle us from walking towards our future. Given how important a topic this is, I wanted to get the perspective of someone that can help you love yourself again. In this episode, I spoke with a certified self-love coach, Kailin Vu! 

This incredible woman seeks to help others take on the lovely path of self-discovery and self-love. Throughout our conversation, you'll learn of her past and some of the things she had to overcome to get to the fulfilling life she is living today, what can limit us at times from letting go of the past, and so much more. This episode is the first in a series of episodes talking about not being defined by your past! We all make mistakes and get lost along the way, but that's okay! Sometimes we are held shackled to those mistakes and sometimes don't know how to forge ahead. Hopefully, this series will illuminate some things you can do to find peace with your past and move forward truly. 

I'm so grateful to have so many supportive people like yourself who come back and still support me at the risk of repeating myself, and it truly means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Remember, this season is about taking charge, so i hope you enjoy the ride! I couldn't have done this without you all!  Enjoy the episode because there are lots of gems here that hopefully enrich your life. I hope you all continue to drive toward the horizon. I will do the same. Don't forget to be awesome!

P.S.- Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women who fight and sacrifice for their families. 
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